Elerson Siding & Windows

  • Obsessive Oversight—Meticulous Inspections.
    That’s How We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction—Start to Finish, No Exceptions.

  • We’re Hyper-Strict On Installation Standards.
    Because If It Isn’t Installed Perfectly, It Simply Will Not Last.

  • Unprecedented Quality—Affordable Prices.
    We Offer The ABSOLUTE Best Value For Your Hard Earned Dollars.

  • Our Warranties Have Real “BITE”—Not Loopholes.
    When We Say It’s Covered, You Can Take It To The Bank.

  • Family Owned And Operated
    If There Is Ever A Problem You Deal With Me—The Owner.

You Don’t Pay Us Until The Job Is Done.

No Job Is Complete Until Three People Say It’s 100% Perfect—
The Onsite Supervisor, Me or Eric – the Owners, And YOU.

All We Require To Start is Just 20% Down—After That, You Don’t Pay Till The Job Is Done.

Super Affordable, Exceptional Quality, BEST Service No One Does More For Less…PERIOD.

If There Is Ever A Problem, You Don’t Get A Run-a-Round—
You Call Me or Eric, The Owners: (817) 995-2114.

New Windows, Siding & Roofing Contractor
Kerry Elerson
New Windows, Siding & Roofing Contractor
Eric Elerson

Hi, I’m Kerry Elerson, and this is my son Eric. We have been in construction for over 30 years. In those 30+ years, my son and I have learned a thing or two about what people like and don’t like about home remodeling. The most important lessons we learned is that people hate not getting what they pay for.

Unfortunately, in the home improvement industry, cutting corners to pad profits is a standard business practice and accepting marginal work and calling it “good enough” is commonplace. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen people pay good, hard earned money, for windows (or siding)—thinking they were getting a great deal. But it’s only after the installer is long gone that the homeowner realizes that what they got was a marginal product at best (builder grade) and a mediocre “rip-and-stick” installation.

That’s why at Elerson Siding and Windows, we do things just a little bit differently.

  • We only require 20% down to get your job started.
  • Every installer is hand-picked, personally trained—by me or Eric—and knows it’s either my way or the highway.
  • We inspect EVERY job. If it doesn’t meet our EXACTING standards, it isn’t done.
  • We only use the highest quality materials and products—heck, even our caulking has a 50-year warranty.
  • You don’t cut us the final check until you say the job is done.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t Trust Your Home—or your wallet—to just anyone. Call Elerson Today.

What Do You Get When You Hire The Best?

No Sales Pressure…EVER: We’re here to help, not hinder. We educate you on your options—we NEVER sell you on a product.

Direct Owner Access: I’ll visit you in person—look you in the eye and shake your hand—before and AFTER the installation is complete.

Professional Workers: They’ll be on time, courteous, English speaking and a pleasure to have around your home. They will never leave a mess and always clean up after themselves.

100% SATISFACTION: You and I will perform a final inspection together—because at Elerson, the job isn’t done until YOU say it’s done.

You Simply Get More For Your Money.