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Why Proper Installation is a Crucial Part of Window Replacement

Posted April 15, 2017.

Window Replacement in Arlington, TX

There are many reasons why you may need window replacement in Arlington, TX. When you make the decision to spend your hard-earned money on new windows, you want to make sure they are energy-efficient and will last you as long as possible. Regardless of which type of windows you chose, they can actually end up costing you money if they are not installed correctly.

Window Performance can be Affected

Improper installation can cause a poor seal around the frame. This means that during the hot Texas summer, the frames may expand and you can end up needing to replace the entire window again. In the cooler months the frames may contract and allow air to flow in and out of the house, completely defeating the purpose of getting new windows to begin with.

Your Energy Bill can Increase

A window that becomes faulty due to a poor installation job can let air enter and escape your home. This greatly reduces the energy efficiency in your house, and you can end up spending unnecessary money on to heating and air conditioning. A new window that is not correctly installed may end up costing you more money than your old windows.

It may Void Your Warranty

Many companies will include warranties on their products. In many cases, the warranty is limited to intrinsic issues with the product, and not any problems that arise from how it was installed. High-quality windows that are installed incorrectly can still develop problems. This means that you could end up paying out of pocket for new windows only months after having them replaced.

When you are thinking about window replacement in Arlington, TX, it can be a wise move to purchase quality, energy-efficient windows that should last a long time, and also to have them professionally installed by a reliable company with a proven record of excellent work. This can give you peace of mind that your new windows are not actually costing you money.