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Things to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Rental Home

Posted on September 5, 2017

Home Window Replacement in Arlington, TX

The work of a landlord is never done. Whether you have current residents or are fixing your property up to prepare it for new residents, there’s a lot on your to-do list when you’re trying to maintain a rental property. Finding that you need home window replacement in Arlington, TX for your property might feel overwhelming and costly compared to the investment you’d make in simple repairs and it often feels difficult to choose what types of windows will last longer and be more efficient than the ones you had installed before.

Home window replacement in Arlington, TX is easy and affordable if you learn how to shop smart. Energy efficiency and durability should be your top points of research if you want your investment to survive well beyond your tenant’s residence in your property. It’s understandable that landlords want to keep costs low to avoid raising the rent or losing money for the year, but, with that bit of extra investment, a landlord can find an affordable option for windows that are built tough and keep utility costs low.

A person should determine if a full replacement is needed or if retrofitting can be done to save time and money. If your windows have wood framing that isn’t rotting, retrofitting may be the answer to your window replacement needs. If the wood frame has rotted or you have an aluminum unit, a full home window replacement in Arlington, TX is the best way to go to keep the house cool and comfortable in the summer months.

Your window selection should depend on the climate of the area and what is needed to keep the inside of the home warm and dry. The windows chosen should meet Energy Star’s minimum requirements to help the house stay energy efficient. Choosing windows with low emissivity coating or inert gases used in their manufacturing can improve heat loss at a lower cost than double pane windows. By selecting windows with heating costs and durability in mind, you keep your tenants happy and your investments as a landlord manageable as you continue to maintain your rental property.