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How Do You Judge A Company?

Never Judge A Company On What They Say, Judge Them By
What They Do.

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At Elerson Siding and Windows, we pride ourselves on saying what we do and then doing what we say. That’s the way my dad did it, it’s the way that I do it, and by God, that’s the way my son Eric is going to do it.

But of course, how would you know that we say what we do and do what we say without ever having done business with us?

Simple, the only way to judge any company—including us—is by seeing what their past customers are saying about them and looking at their past work. Judge for yourself if you believe that a company is going to deliver as promised. Do your research and never, ever just take a company’s word for it. Because in this industry it’s far too easy for a company to simply shut down and start over somewhere else.

Seriously, if you don’t think a less than reputable window replacement company in Dallas can’t simply shut down and re-open as a different window replacement company in Fort Worth, then you need to read this.

You Have To Perform Your Due Diligence…PERIOD.


See What Our Past Customers Are Saying.

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Awards & Recognition

Any Contractor Worth His Salt Should Be Proud Of His Awards And Training.

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See Our Work, Judge For Yourself.

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