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What are the advantages of vinyl siding?

Simply stated, there is no better siding on the market today. No other siding available to homeowners can compete with vinyl sidings affordability and durability. Today’s modern vinyl siding is lightweight, practically maintenance free, and because of its exclusive composition, it simply will not rot, flake, warp, blister, chip or crack like other siding.

In fact, with most other siding you are going to need to repaint. Texas summers can be brutal. And despite what other siding installers might tell you, cheaper siding simply fails to keep its appearance. It fades and the colors deteriorate. Usually in blotches, which looks horrible. I should know, I’ve been installing siding in Arlington and all over North Texas for years. I’ve seen it first hand… and it’s usually why I get phone calls from homeowners.

Bottom Line: to homeowners like yourself, vinyl siding is the only sensible, good-looking alternative to the expense, labor, and aggravation associated with house painting and yearly exterior maintenance.

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I Have Been Told That Wood Siding is Favorable Because Of The Colors I Can Get It In, Is This True?

Well, yes and no. It USED to be true. But technology changes and thanks to improvements in vinyl siding technology and new manufacturing procedures, vinyl grains, colors and cap-stocks are truer, richer and more authentic than ever before. You would be surprised at the number of color choices you now have. In fact, Mastic siding comes in 35 different colors… the most in the industry.

But more importantly, the colors on our siding will not fade or discolor and require practically no upkeep or maintenance. Many other siding—especially wood—require constant upkeep and repainting. Meaning, in the long run, vinyl is the most affordable option.

So if you’re looking for the absolute best vinyl siding for your home in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or practically anywhere else in North Texas, call Elerson Siding and Windows today.

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Is There Any Monetary Benefit To Installing Siding?

ABSOLUTELY. Replacing Your Siding With the “Right” Siding: Recoups Nearly 80% Of Its Cost, Adds Instant Curb Appeal and Is The #1 Way To Add Value To Your Home.

In Fact:

Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report states that re-siding your home with siding in the mid-range or larger categories provides the #1 return on your remodeling investment.

U.S. News and World Report stated that siding replacement is one of the 5 best home improvements you can make and that replacing your siding recoups, on average, nearly 80% of the projects cost in resale value.

But then you also have to consider the money, time, and effort you are going to save by not having to repaint your home. Over time this could add up to some significant savings.

Also, with modern technology, we have created an energy efficient insulative siding that can work wonders on insulating your home and save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. To read more about this revolutionary siding, just click here.

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How Does Vinyl Siding Stand Up To Extreme Weather?

Well, as I have said before, not all siding is created equal. I’ve been installing siding in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, and just about everywhere else in North Texas…and I’ve been doing it for decades. I can tell you from firsthand experience, cheaper vinyl siding simply won’t last in Texas.

Part of the problem is that our Texas summers get hot. If you have an Eastern or Western facing wall that has little or no shading you need a better quality product. Cheaper vinyl will simply melt or warp from the direct sun exposure.

With that said, technically advanced vinyl siding from Mastic is specially formulated of high quality ingredients and manufactured within close tolerances. This siding will withstand virtually any type of harsh weather or seasonal extremes and it’s why Mastic siding is the only vinyl siding I will sell and install.

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What about my colors fading?

Unlike other weather-sensitive siding materials, such as wood that can and do slowly deteriorate over time, Vinyl siding reacts to seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations by expanding and contracting as the temperature rises or falls. Unlike wood, whose expansion and contraction causes paint to flake off, the color of vinyl is embedded directly into the siding. Your Vinyl siding will continue to maintain its good looks and handsome design no matter what the weather may be.

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What Features Should I look For In Quality Vinyl Siding?

The first thing we should discuss is the thickness of your siding. A lot of competitors like to talk about how thick their products are. The reality is that thickness is no measure of quality. About the only thing thickness does for vinyl siding is to increase its rigidity. So don’t be sold on a products thickness. It’s not that great of an indicator.

What you do want to look for (and definitely ask about) is the nailing hem design, panel architecture and projection, locking mechanism, embossing grain, capstock formulations, chemical consistency, and UV inhibitors. All of these important features can help provide increased benefits, like wind and fade resistance, and tensile strength.

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Is Vinyl Siding Waterproof?

NO. Period. End of story.

Anyone who tries to tell you different is probably trying to sell you something. Waterproof Vinyl siding is an urban legend, it simply does not exist. Here is why: all vinyl siding is manufactured with “weep holes.” These weep holes are what allows for the circulation of air and the wicking away of moisture. Let me stop here and say this, if you ever see vinyl siding that is manufactured without these weep holes, run. It’s a recipe for disaster. “Weep holes” located at the bottom of each panel projection edge are a critical component to vinyl siding. These small but important outlets help channel away water that might find its way inside the siding wall through the panel seams and around moldings, windows, door and fixtures. Weep holes also allow for the circulation of air which is critical in evaporating any moisture that might get trapped behind your siding.

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Why Don’t You Attach The Siding Directly To My House?

Vinyl siding is never “attached” to a home.” Vinyl siding is “hung.”

You see, unlike other siding materials, vinyl siding has unique thermal expansion properties. PVC expands as temperatures rise and contracts as temperatures fall. The expansion and contraction—if measured—is usually about ¼ inch for every 12 feet of vinyl panel.

For that reason, expert installers will always hang siding in order to allow the siding to adequately expand and contract. It is crucial that vinyl siding be cut, lapped and attached with fasteners at just the right depth and with the proper spacing and layout to insure the installation will look its best regardless of the outside temperature. This is what separates a professional installer from a problematic one.

That is precisely why Elerson Siding and Windows will only allow highly trained professionals—trained by me—to install your siding… NEVER day laborers. Your Home Deserves No Less.

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