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So You Probably Have Some Questions… We Have The Answers.

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Why should replace my old windows?

To answer that question, I would like to quote the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

The typical home loses more than 25 percent of its heating and cooling through its windows. Today’s modern windows are twice as energy efficient as windows built just 8 years ago.

If your windows are 10 years old, or older, the energy savings you realize could very well pay for the windows. In short, in addition to adding beauty and security to your home, new windows can significantly increase your savings on your heating and cooling costs.

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Is there a differences in how vinyl windows are made?

ABSOLUTELY. Currently there are two types of construction used in the manufacturing of vinyl windows—mechanically fastened or joint welded. Some vinyl windows are mechanically fastened at the corners. In other words they are either screwed or glued together at the corners. As you can imagine, this makes for a window that is easily cracked at the joints. Especially with the continual expansion and contraction with changing weather patterns. These types of corners are most often found in “builder grade” windows, as it’s a cheaper alternative to welding.

Welded windows use a chemical or heat process to bind the corners. The result of this process produces a much stronger, longer lasting bond. Every window we install uses state of the art equipment to weld the corners and the windows come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

So if you’re looking for the absolute best, proven to work replacement windows in Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere else in North Texas for that matter, call Elerson Siding and Windows today.

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Isn’t the glass used in replacement windows all the same?

To put it bluntly, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Special consideration MUST be given to glass options. Some of these options are tempered glass, Low-E glass, Argon gas fill, Krypton gas fill, double or triple pane, heat mirror Solar Heat Gain Coefficients and much more. In short, each option you select will have a significant impact on the levels of energy efficiency and safety of your windows.

I also want to take a moment to be perfectly clear about something. There is no single “perfect” window solution for everyone. The vinyl window you use in Kennedale might very well be a recipe for disaster for a window replacement in Crowley. You absolutely need a window EXPERT that is going to take the time to explain your options and educate you…not sell you on a product.

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Aren’t all window frames and sashes the same?

Again, No. However, it is hard to tell, just by looking at a window, which frames and sashes are made of high quality materials and which are not. Window frames and sashes made from low quality materials have a slight blue or gray hue.

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What should I look for in a replacement window warranty?

We believe that a manufacturer‘s faith in its own product should be reflected in their product warranty. Simply put, if the manufacturer believes in its own product, that product should have a great warranty. Remember, the warranty is only as valid as the stability of the manufacturer that’s providing it.

We firmly believe that the windows we sell and install are the absolute best on the market. We back up that claim with


So if you’re looking for the absolute best, proven to work replacement windows in Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere else in North Texas for that matter, call Elerson Siding and Windows today.

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When it comes to energy savings, which is more important, the frame or the glass?

An average window is over 70% glass. It’s why we said earlier that not all glass is created equal, and that the choices you make with glass selection would have a significant impact on energy savings and safety.

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Who should I use to install my windows?

The quality of any product is only as good as its installation. An improper installation could reduce the energy efficiency of the window, do structural damage to your home, and even void the manufacturers’ warranty. Our installation experts are trained to do the job right the first time. This ensures maximum performance from your windows and eliminates future problems. From start to finish, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your installation experience.

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How Come Your Windows Aren’t As Cheap As Those Other Guys?

Windows and window replacements cost money, it’s no secret. And we are the first to admit that there are window companies out there advertising windows for less than $200. Honestly, that is an incredible price! So why don’t we offer something like that?

The answer is that those windows just aren’t very good. They are just hooks to get you to dial the phone. Once you get someone on the phone, they will then explain that the windows you really want cost a lot more or that the price was per window and does not include labor and installation.

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Why Do You Focus So Much Attention on the Installation of the Window?

The installation process is the most important part of any window replacement. If the window isn’t installed correctly, you will have a host of problems. For example, we’ve seen instances where in the heat of a Texas summer, the expansion of the frames causes the window to become unusable. And in the winter the contraction causes the window to bleed. In short, the window simply will not perform “as advertised.” And even worse, you’ll be losing money on increased energy bills…which is usually the direct opposite of why you spent money to replace your windows in the first place.

Other companies might give you a “rip-and-stick” job, where they just “rip” out the old window and “stick” in the new ones with some patch glue and a couple of screws and call it good. This might save you money on labor, but it will eventually cost more as the window lets more and more of the outside temperature into the house. When we install a window, we do it right, so that you don’t have to worry about how much your windows are actually costing you.

So if you’re looking for the absolute best, proven to work replacement windows in Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere else in North Texas for that matter, call Elerson Siding and Windows today.

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