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Before You Spend A Single Dollar

You Should Know That Over 80% Of A Window Installation Is What You Can’t See.

Window Installation Arlington TX | Elerson Siding

Even the best products in the world are going to fail if they are not installed properly. Why is this a concern for you? Because, based on our experience, there is no single area where more corners are cut than in a window installation.

You see, many contractors and window installation companies will ruthlessly cut costs by hiring unskilled and untrained “day-laborers.” Well, the reality is that windows are a lot more complicated than people think. So when these “day-laborers” run into a problem, they simply use a bunch of shims and caulking to cover it up. They don’t fix it…they don’t know how.

Here at Elerson Windows and Siding we pride ourselves on the knowledge, skill and abilities of our crews. My son and I are at every job site, making random inspections, and making sure that everything is being done to our exceedingly high standards. Just how committed are we to excellence? We’ve been known to rip out a window and start over… at OUR cost; just to make sure our clients are getting EXACTLY what they pay for.

Bottom Line: our windows come with a LIFETIME warranty and we are so confident in our installation that we warranty our labor… If our installation ever causes a problem we will take care of it with no cost to you. We don’t know of any other window replacement company in Arlington, Fort Worth or anywhere else in North Texas that gives you that kind of peace of mind.