Unsurpassed Customer Service | Elerson Siding & Windows

Immediate, Direct Access To The Owners…

That Means You Get Solutions, Not Run-A-Rounds.

Unsurpassed Customer Service | Elerson Siding

What is going on with customer service in this country today?

Study after study shows that customer service is a lost art in this country… and it’s only getting worse. It’s as if companies just don’t care if you do business with them or not. That just blows my mind. I can’t fit that into my thought process.

My business lives or dies on customer satisfaction!

My son Eric and I, pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. It’s why we’re on every job site where we inspect everything. We want you, the homeowner, to see our face and be happy to see us. We don’t run and hide.

The problem with a lot of these companies is you never know who the owners are. And you never get to speak to them. They farm out their customer support line to some 3rd party administrator located only God knows where. And if you’re lucky, you might actually get to talk to someone that is a native English speaker. But good luck getting someone on the phone that can actually make a decision.

Here at Elerson Siding and Windows, you always have DIRECT ACCESS to me or my son, the owners. Why? Because we’re only human and mistakes do sometimes happen. We’re the first ones to admit that. But the difference is that we don’t hide it or try to cover it up. Or run and hide and not answer or return phone calls.

At Elerson Siding and Windows, if we see a mistake, we tell you and we fix it…PERIOD. And, we will show you the mistake and tell you the steps we took to correct it. And if you find a problem that we missed, or if anything (and I mean anything) is bothering you, you don’t call a “customer service support line.” You call me Kerry Elerson, or my son Eric, the actual owners of the company.

Just how serious am I? Here is my cell number: 817-995-2114. Call me.